Bar Slots And Classic Slots: Things To Know

Do you miss the classic bar slot machines? Do you know that it is no longer necessary to physically go to a gaming room or, in fact, to a bar to play your favorite singapore slots game ? The online slots today offer an almost infinite number of games that refer to those that once could only be found in special dedicated rooms.

Bar slots: how they work and how to play

Bar slots generally consist of three reels, which in some cases can go up to five. The roller is the image that rotates on the front of the machine and has several symbols. If a certain combination of symbols aligns, you win money. The lower the probability a certain combination forms a winning line, the higher its value.

For decades these reels have been made up of mechanical rotating reels, which with the advent of video slots, have turned into captivating colored images reproduced by a screen. Despite being mechanical, however, the first bar slot machines already used a random number generator, which is generated by a computer in modern ones. These numbers determine the outcome of the bets, making it impossible to predict whether a round will win.

For the rest, bar slots are characterized, like online slots, by a percentage of winning spins and pay-outs, minimum and maximum bets, return to the player, volatility, and jackpots.

Differences between bar slots and online slots

What are the main elements that distinguish bar slots from those found on the internet?

First of all, bar slots have a return to the player (RTP) or pay-out of between 40 and 70%, therefore much lower than that of online slots, which ranges from 94 to 98%. The latter also does not necessarily require real money to play.

Unlike bar slot machines, online slots offer bonuses, such as welcome ones for new players, who give free spins, allowing winning jackpots and bonus money by playing for free.

These are not good reasons to give up bar slots, especially if you are one of the many fans. “Retro” symbols that, for some, are only a distant rather faded memory, but which, for many, represent a way to have a carefree dive into the past.

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